Seven billion. That’s how many mobile devices are in
operation around the world. And that number is expected to grow exponentially in the next couple of years. Already the most important means of communication for much of the planet, mobile is the biggest opportunity of the digital age.

Our Mobile Group looks beyond messaging to create rich experiences, sites, native applications, and integrated digital signage that can help your brand provide real value.

Be holdable. Be touchable. Be everywhere-able. Deliver the right mobile experience and the place customers find you is any place at all. Be there.

When it comes to mobile access, Moore Studios has it covered. We provide a various array of solutions that focus on mobile web design, development and marketing. No matter what your business or brand is, there are innumerable opportunities that can and should be taken advantage of. Whether it is something as simple as taking your existing site and making it mobile friendly or developing a custom mobile application that provides your consumers or clients with a specialized resource, your brand will be firmly grounded into a rapidly growing market.

As connectivity spreads from your phone, to your tv, your fridge and then to a kiosk in the store, mobile and connected devices are rapidly becoming the primary point of engagement. We believe simplicity is a driver – it forces you to focus on your message rather than your features. We’ve designed and built dozens of device specific mobile phone applications and a grip of mobile friendly websites. We specialize in bringing solid UI and engaging aesthetics to this highly variable landscape. The future is unplugged. Are you?

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