web-designA great idea is rarely enough to make an impact on the web. Introduce it to riveting design and seriously smart code, however, and the sparks begin to fly. You just need a matchmaker. We’re it.

Every business needs a website in today’s technology driven world. The concept of communicating with your audience is fundamentally sound. Only with our help does the idea seem revolutionary. After all, “In matters of grave importance, style, not sincerity, is the vital thing” (Oscar Wilde; The Importance of Being Earnest). In this case, we’d like to provide the style to your sincerity and give you the best of both worlds. Now, in creating your website, we must assume that all competing businesses have already got one. So, the question that arises is going to be, “What separates you from everyone else?” What is going to make your audience linger on your site longer than on your competitors? What will it take to turn a web-browsing passerby into a customer? The point is; these are modern times. Your website is likely to be the first interaction any potential customer will have with your company. So, what experience are you going to provide that person with?

At Moore Studios, our focus when it comes to these questions revolve around a single concept: design thinking. Design thinking is a focus on the human thought process, and the elements that truly capture and engage a person. With this line of thinking at the forefront of everything that we do, we approach the design and development of a website with care. Our human centered design ideology hones down on those questions and creates answers. These elements, such as the information architecture, user interface and experience, graphic design, coding, branding, etc., all play significant parts in the work that we do in creating a website.

A website is never complete. It is a constantly evolving technology and idea that morphs into the most effective and the loudest of all voices representing your brand. Just as you need a website that is capable of adapting to whatever is required of it, you also need someone to create it. That is where Moore Studios comes in. We utilize only the best software, such as WordPress, to develop the backend architecture of our websites and use creatively brilliant designers and developers to take the ideas and turn them into reality. Our goal is your success. Period.

We specialize in the design and development of industrial strength WordPress implementations. WordPress is an open source content management application backed by an international community of expert developers and utilized by many of the world’s largest corporations. It’s stable, robust, and best of all – WordPress is extremely easy to use. We’ve designed and built multiple networks producing nearly hundreds of sites, many of which attract millions of unique visitors per month. We specialize in pushing the boundaries of what WordPress can do. Full galleries, social media and extensive API integrations, event management, front end authentication and single sign-on, custom layouts and designs that transcend the traditional blog, community sites with forum integration, live streaming media – you name it, we can design and code it.