serverWhen it comes to web hosting, the experiences that you receive are common and routine. With Moore Studios, we are far from common and routine, conducting ourselves as your personal hosting concierge at every step of the way through the lifetime of your account. Services such as our personal support that you receive when you encounter problems; the actual management of your account and its operations by our technical geniuses; real personel assistance when it comes to migrating, installing, setting up or troubleshooting features and application; or whatever else you may encounter along the way. Moore Studios is there by your side.

This level of service that we provide is one that you won’t find elsewhere. Hosting companies today only focus on delivering cheap prices, and the service and support you receive are equal on every level to that cheap price. With the white-glove services of Moore Studios, if something goes wrong, we are here for you. If there is something going awry with your CMS or database (or anything on the server side), our team will immediately solve the issue without your involvement so you can focus on more important things.

If you want to move stuff over to us, we will create a Basecamp account and hammer through every detail of your migration. Our goal is to provide you a hosting company that you can trust and rely on at every turn to handle the intricacies of your websites server. With support and service team members who are familiar with your account, management issues will be solved quickly and friendly. And one of the best parts is that you can contact us however you want: support center, email, Twitter, Facebook, and a team member will be on things within the hour. We promise!

When it comes to web hosting, Moore Studios provides a unique level of service to our clients. We understand that as a company, you want to grow your business by utilizing the latest and most powerful technology on the market at an affordable price. We understand that your focus is better utilized within the company itself. Therefore, we have established a single LAMP stack technology which means that each and every day we focus on one service and one service only. The value that this translates to you is the fact that we understand and comprehend every setup that you may possibly bring, meaning there are less problems and quicker responses when you do encounter any issues. You also take advantage of virtualization which protects you during the basic system upgrades and any unplanned downtime, ensuring you a steady and reliable service.

Our web hosting utilizes the latest in premium hardware and software. With a private fiber-optics connection between the Californian and Virginian data center, our connectivity provides fast services and secure-communication links. Our industrial-grade, highly-optimized LAMP stack hosting consists of high performance HP server-grade hardware combined with the fastest OS virtualization technology available. And while you won’t need it, you have the freedom to utilize as little or as much control as you like. When it comes to security, we pride ourselves on the fact that our sites are secure from thieves, hackers and anyone else who desires to make your life just a little harder. As part of our white-glove service, we will handle all the security issues, ensuring that if there ever is or was an issue, that we knew and addressed it before you even realized it.

Beyond our fast speeds, amazing technology and great uptime records, we know and realize quite vividly that our true success lies in the way we serve you. This means that our support for whatever questions, issues, or problems that you encounter must go above and beyond the call of duty. We don’t just want to be known for our top-tier hosting, but also for the way we support it. With that in mind, we promise to be accessible, friendly, and helpful at all times. We’ll reply to your emails and support tickets within 24 hours and provide timely information regarding System Incidents. Lastly, we promise to listen. Should we fall short of our goals, we want to know about it so we can quickly remedy areas needing improvement. That is our promise to you.